Our Services

Skilled Welding & Fabrication offers a complete range of welding and fabrication services. We can provide you with the highest quality metal engineering workmanship across all aspects of our Perth-based metal engineering and fabrications business.


Precision machining and fabrication of processing equipment and chute work, conveyors and structural components, motor and skid basis, engineered and fitted to your exact specifications.


We can offer you general and specialist machining and welding services by highly skilled tradesmen at competitive project rates.


Processing and fabrication of structural steel, incorporating a range of specialised materials and alloys, for almost every steel structural requirements, including trusses, beams, columns, skids, braces, pipes and plates.


All aspects of steel and aluminium balustrading, incorporating gates, fences and hand rails, verandahs and balconies. Skilled Welding & Fabrication will deliver on large scale works for multi-residential construction projects, as well as one-off individual requirements.

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